Beiderwand panel depicting Christ
entering Jerusalem

German (Schleswig-Holstein), 17th century


Woven in the state of Schleswig-Holstein (now northern Germany but part of Denmark until 1815), this panel of Beiderwand , meaning double weave, is a rare surviving example of a domestic textile from the seventeenth century. The creator of this panel combined wool and linen in a complex lampas technique to produce a completely reversible textile which would have been used to decorate a bed or a window, providing warmth as well as color. Taken from a pattern book, the dynamic imagery on this panel represents Christ entering Jerusalem in symmetrical narrative bands punctuated by large leafy trees with perching birds.

The same story is featured on a Beiderwand panel in the Art Institute of Chicago (1984.1068), and an identical panel is also in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York.

60" H x 31.5" W

Beiderwand panel depicting Christ entering Jerusalem

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