Needlework picture depicting Ishmael and Hagar
English, 17th century

Needlework picture depicting Ishmael and Hagar

Canvas work served a practical purpose in seventeenth-century furnishings; colorful and relatively simple to make, the amateur embroiderer could create a wide variety of decorative materials for the household. The entire surface of this piece is worked in extremely fine silk petitpoint (referring to the size of the stitch), also called tent stitch. Though embroidered pictures could be purely ornamental, this genre of needlework frequently relied on allegorical and biblical themes to convey more complex messages. Many of the favored themes for canvas work compositions represent Old Testament stories, especially those centered on valorous women. These biblical heroines played prominent roles and were celebrated for their virtues and courage.

17.5" H x 24" W
Price on Request

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