Les Monuments de Paris
Printed cotton toile designed by Hippolyte Le Bas (1782-1867)
French, 1818

Printed cotton toile designed by Hippolyte Le Bas

The design of this engraved-roller and block-printed cotton combines the early-nineteenth-century vogue for antiquity with famous contemporary Parisian monuments. The growing use of roller printing during these decades expanded the availability and reduced the costs of cotton fabrics that were much sought after by a burgeoning middle- and working-class consumer market avid for the most up-to-date trends in interior décor. In their desire to offer attractive patterns and keep up with changing tastes, manufacturers often commissioned designs from well-known artists.

In this example designed by the artist Hippolyte Le Bas, the Pont Neuf with its statue of Henri IV, the Pantheon, the Fountain of the Innocents, and one of the facades of the Louvre are enclosed within medallions, rectangles, and hexagons embellished with classically inspired motifs including armor and winged female figures.

This design is illustrated in Toiles de Jouy: Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style by Melanie Riffel and Sophie Rouart (2003; p. 185).

27" H x 32.25" W

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