Brocaded Silk Designed by Raoul Dufy (1877–1953)
for Bianchini Ferier
French, 1920-1928

Flamme - Brocaded Silk Designed by Raoul Dufy

Bridging the distinct worlds of fine arts and fashion, painter Raoul Dufy was a pioneer in bringing his highly decorative yet artistic textiles to the most avant-garde French couturiers of the Art Deco era. Dufy’s successful early collaborations with Paul Poiret led to an exclusive relationship with Bianchini-Férier, one of Lyon’s premier textile firms. During his tenure there from 1912 through 1928, Dufy created a range of textiles for both furnishing and dress. While most of Dufy’s designs were block printed on cotton, many were translated into silk jacquard weaves. Flamme illustrates Dufy’s ability to convey his joie de vivre through bold floral and foliate patterns as well as his sophisticated sense of composition and color.

This panel is an original document from the Bianchini Férier archives. A panel of Flamme is in the collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum (1930.5), and is illustrated in Avant Garde by the Yard, Otto Charles Thieme, 1996, p. 54, pl. 44.

33.25" H x 49" W

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