Redwork Cushion Cover
English, mid-17th century

Redwork Cushion Cover

Embroidered cushions, with ornamentation from the simple to the richly elaborate, often decorated seventeenth-century European interiors. For domestic needleworkers, cushions presented the intimacy of working on a small scale. This example illustrates a style of seventeenth-century English embroidery, known as redwork, that appears as well on curtains, workbags, and other household items. Using the monochromatic palette of red wool on a fustian ground, the vibrancy of the allover design is achieved by the simple yet effective use of various stitches to shade and outline the stylized leaf motifs. The large knotted, arabesque-like leaves, alternating with smaller leaf motifs, relate to woven silk designs of the period. In areas of the cushion, traces of the drawn outline of the pattern can be seen, providing a view into the makerís process. The cushion may have been made to adorn the embroidererís home, or intended as a gift for someone fortunate to receive this finely handwrought example of an English womanís work.

20" H x 25" W
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