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17th Century Textiles
Beiderwand Panel Depicting Christ Entering Jerusalem, German (Schleswig-Holstein), 17th c.
  Needlework Picture Depicting Ishmael and Hagar, English, 17th c.
Red and Metallic Gold Ciselé Velvet, Italian (probably Genoa), 17th c.
Silk Embroidered Linen Panel Depicting Selected Virtues, Portuguese, 17th c.
18th Century Textiles
Brocaded Silk Cannelé with Serpentine Pattern, French, mid-18th c.
Ivory and Purple Worsted Wool Damask, English (Norwich), mid-18th c.
La Peche et le Commerce Maritime Printed Cotton Toile, French (Jouy), ca. 1780
Panel of Flamepoint Woven Bergamo or point de Hongrie, French (Elbeuf), early 18th c.
19th Century Textiles
Les Monuments de Paris - Printed Cotton Toile Designed by Hippolyte Le Bas (1782-1867, French, 1818
Panel of Black Silk Satin with Chinoiserie Pattern, English, 1870s
Red and Blue Cotton Pillar Print, English, ca. 1830
Velours au Sabre Dress Panel with Chenille Ball Fringe, French (probably Lyon), ca. 1880-85
20th Century Textiles
Design #102 - Printed Linen Furnishing Fabric Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, American, 1955
Flamme - Brocaded Silk Designed by Raoul Dufy (1877–1953) for Bianchini Ferier, French, 1920-1928
Metropolis - Hand-printed Linen Panel by Elenhank Designers Inc., American, 1955
Printed Furnishing Cotton Designed by Serge Poliakoff (1906-1969), French, 1946
Asian & Ethnographic Textiles
Ikat-Woven Panel, Central Asian (Bukhara), early 20th c.
Painted Ivory Silk Taffeta, Chinese, late 18th/early 19th c.
Panel of Silk Embroidery on Cotton, Chinese Minority (Miao), 20th c.
Tie-Dyed Cotton Turban (“laharia pagri”), Indian (Rajasthan), late 19th/early 20th c.
Ladies Antique Costume
Pink Silk Embroidered Evening Gown, English, ca. 1830
Printed Cotton Jacket (caraco), Dutch, late 18th c.
Summer Dress of Printed Cotton Organdy, American, 1870s
Wrap Coat of Printed Cotton by Alice Pollock, English, early 1970s
Gentlemen Antique Costume
  Black Satin Chenille Embroidered Waistcoat, American, ca. 1840
Man’s Robe (Chapan), Central Asian, mid-20th c.
  Red Uncut Velvet Sleeveless Waistcoat, English or American, 1740s
Antique Accessories
Doll's Dress of Printed Wool, American (New England), ca. 1838-40
Pair of Paste Shoe Buckles, European, third quarter 18th c.
Tortoiseshell Comb, English, late 17th c.
Woven Paisley Shawl, English (for the Russian market), ca. 1850

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