Terrain by Elenhank Designers Inc.
Screen-Printed Furnishing Linen
American, 1970


Elenhank Designers Inc., the husband and wife design duo of architect Henry Kluck and artist Eleanor Kluck (whose nicknames combine to form the company's name), was one of the small, entrepreneurial companies that emerged as a leader in post-war American textile design and production. In 1948, the Chicago-based team announced their concern with "...meeting the fabric and design requirements of contemporary architects and interior designer, and with introducing a new vocabulary of fabric expressions." Terrain, a design from 1970, demonstrates the realization of this mission. Inspired by topographical maps, the design is screen-printed in swirling shades of mushroom, black and white on a loosely-woven, textural linen ground. The expanding and contracting pattern takes advantage of the fluidity of the fabric, which would have been ideal for undulating curtains.

Terrain is found in the Art Institute of Chicago collection (1985.722) and illustrated in Christa Meyer Thurman, Rooted in Chicago: Fifty Years of Textile Design Traditions (1997), Figure 8, p. 47.

113" H x 47 " W

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