Brocaded Silk and Gilt Metallic Thread
Üçetek Entari (robe)

Turkish, late 19th century


This entari (sometimes spelled anteri) is a nineteenth-century example of a garment worn by both Ottoman men and women since the fifteenth century. Known as an üçetek entari for its construction with openings at either side and at the center of the waist, this robe is made from three gores of pieced brocaded silk in a checkered pattern and finished in gold piping. The gilt metal would have flickered alluringly in the candlelight of a wedding or other formal occasion at which a Turkish woman would have donned such a robe. The bodice, lined in linen, closes with faceted amber-colored glass beads. More elaborate versions feature buttons of pearl or diamond and heavy gold embroidery. The silk panels would have grazed the ground and overlapped to reveal the wearer’s loose trousers, known as salvar, underneath.

Brocaded Silk and Gilt Metallic Thread Üçetek Entari

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